24 Nov 2017 Setup your blog in minutes

Using hydeX you can have you blog running in minutes on GitHub Pages.

26 Mar 2016 Customize the layout and theme of your blog

hydeX makes customizing the layout and theme of your blog as simple as updating couple of configurations in the config file.

25 Mar 2016 Engage your blog's audience by enabling community discussions

hydeX provides built-in integration with Disqus, enabling your audience to comment on your blog posts as well as interact as a community.

24 Mar 2016 Get insights about your blog's audience using Google Analytics

hydeX provides built-in integration with Google Analytics to help you get a deeper understanding of your blog's audience and performance.

23 Mar 2016 Tag posts, and use tags to display related content to the reader

hydeX uses tags to display posts related to the one being viewed. This functionality does not use Jekyll plugins and works on GitHub pages.

22 Mar 2016 Display post excerpts on the blog main page

Configure hydeX's main page to optionally show excerpts in the post listing.

21 Mar 2016 Link your Social Media profiles from the Sidebar Menu

Link hydeX to social media profiles through simple modifications to hydeX Jekyll configuration file.

20 Mar 2016 Include Math and Scientific symbols in your blog posts, powered by MathJax

MathJax is a powerful Javascript engine to display Math and Scientific symbols. This is an example content post to show MathJax integration in hydeX.