Link your Social Media profiles from the Sidebar Menu

hydeX provides the capability to easily link to your profile on multiple social media platforms. The links show up as Font Awesome icons in the sidebar menu.

To enable integration with social media platforms update the author section of hydeX’s Jekyll configuration file. Currently, the below-listed platforms are supported. Atom feed for hydeX is enabled by default.

# Author information
  name:                         "Hemen Kapadia"
  twitter:                      null
  github:                       hemenkapadia
  linkedin:                     kapadiahemen
  facebook:                     null
  instagram:                    null
  googleplus:                   null
  youtube:                      null
  stackoverflow:                null

null configuration value causes the corresponding social media icon to be hidden in the sidebar menu. Any value other than null will be used to create the link to your profile page on the corresponding social media platform as explained below.

  1. Navigate to your profile page on the supported social media platform.
  2. Compare your profile page URL with the profile page URL pattern mentioned below.
  3. Identify the value on your profile page that matches with `` in the sample URLs.
  4. Update the config file with the determined value.
# Profile Page URL pattern

twitter: {{ }}
github:  {{ }}
linkedin:{{ }}
facebook:{{ }}
instagram:{{ }}
googleplus:{{ }}
youtube: {{ }}
stackoverflow:{{ }}

In the sample configuration at the start of this post, I have enabled email, github and linkedin integrations for which the icons show up as below for the desktop and responsive mobile interfaces

Desktop interface showing Social Media icons

On the responsive mobile interface, the sidebar menu changes to the top navigation menu which includes page navigation and social media links.

Mobile interface showing Social Media icons